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About Naga Beads

Welcome to Naga Beads!

Naga Beads Jewellery was started with the intention of catering to customers who desired a blend of traditional Naga jewellery infused with contemporary design and style. The traditional Naga Beads jewelry is renowned globally for its distinctive designs and an assortment of vibrant colors, with each tribe possessing its own unique color schemes and patterns. This aspect aids in providing a distinct cultural and customary identity to the 17 tribes of Nagaland. In today's fast-paced world, fashion and style are constantly evolving, adhering to the timeless adage, "Change is the only constant."

Naga Beads Jewelry began with a limited resource, working in a small room with beads and a makeshift study table. The first pieces were sold to friends and neighbors. As the business grew, the vision expanded to reach a wider audience. Utilizing the power of social media, a Facebook page was created with the support of friends. The response was overwhelming, with orders pouring in and the business growing by leaps and bounds. Clients sought customized pieces to complement their attire, particularly their sarees and dresses. In addition, many confident women desired jewelry that would reflect their own unique personalities and serve as a statement piece. Naga Beads jewelry became a voice, expressing the thoughts and individuality of these women.

We aim to provide a beautiful mix of traditional and contemporary jewelry at affordable prices without compromising on quality or design. The beads mostly used are acrylic or glass beads, and absolute care and attention is given to ensure that each single bead has to be even and of excellent quality, which is one reason why our jewellery has made a mark with the customers. Each piece is handmade with lots of love, keeping the client's preference of colours and designs in mind. Our clients are from all over India and abroad, and they always come back for more as they want their close friends and family to share their happiness of owning a piece from Naga Bead Jewellery.

We have come a long way from that one single room, but our hard work and dedication towards each and every piece of jewellery remain the same, as though it is the one and only piece that wins the hearts of the customers and encourages us to improve ourselves and to keep us going on our path of rediscovering the creativity that has laid the foundation of this journey of Naga Beads jewellery.

The lady behind these beautiful jewelleries...............................

Every piece in our store has been crafted with love. we take inspiration from the world around us when it comes to designs, colors, and the quality of the beads that we work with.

Join us on our mission to help us let every lady own one of our beautiful jewellery pieces and make every woman wear a smile on their face.


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"Most Beautiful authentic designer pieces..... super happy to buy from them... reasonable price with beautiful designs... highly recommended.”

- Archana Badhwar

"The unique and extraordinary aggregation of resplendent and colorful jewellery adornments which brings to life the rich, vibrant culture of the North East part of India and in particular Nagaland, which has proud citizens who zealously maintain their rich traditions! a pleasing adornment which comes fairly priced as well! highly recommended.”

- Atul Marwaha

"I am a vivid fan of their work. Wonderful and clean work. They create order made products with the colors of your choice as well. I think every girl must have atleast a couple of pieces from their Naga Beads collection. Love you Urmi and Pushpa! Besties agalore for newer collections.”

- Swati Pande Nalawade

Every day, the team at this company is dedicated to enhancing their service to their clients. They constantly work on finding the perfect combination and creativity to ensure that every task is completed with maximum efficiency. By constantly striving for improvement, they are able to deliver exceptional results to their clients. Their commitment to excellence drives them to go above and beyond, making sure that every job is done to the highest standard. Their dedication and innovative approach set them apart.

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Our Reviews

" Cheers to Naga beads! all the neck pieces i ordered are beautiful, were delivered in professional packaging, on time! I also gifted my friends with these beautiful pieces. Wishing Naga Beads- All the best!”

- Sheetal Kale

" Awesome looks, awesome designs. Made with love and care. Loving it!!”

- Shreepriya Irengbam